Hale S. 2018 

                                                The Hair Oil is like miracle! most recommended for dry and damaged hair. 

                                         Andrea L. 2018  

                                          I have been using my hand cream today, my Eczema was burning on my hands and hasn't hurt since i applied the hand

                                          cream, throughly amazing chemical free hand cream. 

Paniz P. 2018

 It has been 2 weeks that i started using the Face Serum. My Face Skin is glowing every morning, brighter and most of wrinkles are gone. Didn't cause me any acne even though i have oily skin and had to apply oil free products from other brands before, basically became addicted to this line.

May E. 2018 

I found Lily organic products very effective and affordable. I love how they work and as a skincare professional I strongly recommend those ingredients. with consistent daily use, skin appearance and health improve and very good results can be noticed.. Thank you Lily organic for offering such healthy nutritive skin regimen... 

Niamhai N. 2017

 I absolutely love these products. I use the night serum and night cream, the day cream with SPF and the hand cream. They hydrate my skin so well especially in this climate. I have also starting doing some of the recommendations by Peggy in terms of using coconut oil and baking soda and rose water to wash and cleanse my face. Between the products and the treatments my skin is so soft and glowing that I have stopped wearing make-up

on most days. I also love knowing that these products are not tested inappropriately and are all organic. I highly recommend using these products.

Brenda R. 2017

I enjoyed meeting Peggy for the first time and seeing her passion for organic & natural products & a healthier lifestyle. Her products are wonderful for our dryer climate! I like the hand cream, especially putting it on at night time, it is very helpful around the cuticles! The face oil or cream work best on moist skin for me, seems to hydrate better. For me having products without chemicals is very important!

​​​Parand P. 2017

I have always been big fan of expensive cosmetic brands, spent tens of thousands on skin & hair care products. over years of using Chemicals, my hair was absolutely dead, I apply Lily for almost a year, shine & fresh looks of my hair makes everyone to ask me about the products I apply, surprisingly Lily is much cheaper than whatever I bought before however the result is amazing. I am addicted to Lily Multi-Oil Treatment.

Afrand E. 2017

I have used several cream products and I was satisfied with the result! I recommande Lily organic products to everyone. Also, she is friendly and helpful. Thanks again

Dana D. 2017

For anyone with really dry skin, this product is the fix!!! I moved here years ago from Toronto and my  skin hasn't been the same since. That is until I found Lily! Dry cracked heals and hands are gone! Give it a try!

Tammy B. 2017

Love the little surprises life brings and the people you meet along the way. Lily Organic is one of those little surprises worth sharing about. Im not a big user of face or hand creams as I dont like the feel of creams on my skin so am always willing to try a new product. Lily Organic is the first one Ive tried that I will stick too. Love the face serum, absorbs nicely and people have been complimenting me on my skin ever since I started using it. The hand cream is also great and Ive also been using it on a rash that I occasionally get. My doctor always prescribes a steroid ceam for it which does nothing. But Lily organic hand cream has slowly been making it disapear and keeps the itching at bay!

Rosh Sa., 2017

I have recently started using Lily Organic Face serum and Face cream, as well as Foot Cream and Hand cream and I just LOVE them all. The Face serum and the face cream is so good that when I used  a sample of it for a day, I had to place an order right away. It will make you feel like you are giving your skin all the nutrition that it needs...I can't say enough about it, you should try it for yourself  :). I have now used almost all of the Lily Organic's products and I just LOVE LOVE them  :). The Hand cream is working great on my very dry skin and almost made my eczema go away.. Thanks Peggy for the amazing products! Your products are 5 STARS all the way ​

Asa, 2017

​It's not long since I have come to know Lily products but the quality of the products has been high enough to truly impress me. As someone who has always had a great interest in personal wellbeing and healthy appearance,someone who has used many well-known beauty brands and products in the past,I've found Lily organic products,satisfyingly effect. 
Therefore I have no reservation to recommend these wonderful products.

Rana, 2016
Amazing products, I tried the hair, lips & Face, and hand cream. I loved them all. Thank you Peggy For introducing this amazing line. Great  👍 job. ❤️️ ❤️️ 
Andrea, 2016
I have had the pleasure to use all of these products and they all work amazing and best of all they are all organic. I love all of the products and love to support a local business keep up the great work.

Roshanak, 2016
I have recently started using this oil and applying it as a leave in conditioner instead of Moroccan oil and I can already see the difference. I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone. 

Marjan, 2016 
I love the Hair Oil Treatment specially when i mix it with my conditioner and use it in the shower , it works like a miracle ! my hair is 10 times shinier and healthier . Thanks Lily Organic for the amazing hair treatment.

I applied expensive brands and though they are good but after spending a lot of money still I was not happy with results and still around my eyes was dry but with Lily I am so happy with result. First I didn't take it seriously but now I am using it every day twice a day and it is really good. Now, I am using Lily's hair oil, eye cream and hand cream. Thank you Peggy to introduce such a wonderful product.

I have a seven months old baby who always had dry cheeks. Since I started using Lily organic cream her skin is soft and smooth. In addition I don't have to worry about the chemical ingredients in commercial products. Absolutely love it!

SAYEH, 2015

Fantastic cream! I love it! I removed my Shellac by myself , as a result I removed the top layer my toe nail too. I used lily for my hand and rub that to my toe. My nails improved dramatically! Thanks to peggy and her cream Lily!❤
Since I'm using Lily my hands are softer. I even tried on my face, because of its 100% organic ingredient, I was sure it was safe for my face and it helps to moisturize my dry skin in a very dry weather. Peggy told me even though it's safe I will make you face cream which is much better than this. I can't wait for that! Thanks Peggy for such a wonderful cream!

MITRA, 2015 

I love Lily Organic cream..one of the best natural hand cream i ever used.

MAJDEH, 2015

I have this eczema in my hand which is very dry and uncomfortable. Since I start using Lily Organic hand cream. It feels much better and smother. Thank you Lily Organic.


I absolutely love this product!! I get such dry, chapped skin in the winter....I put on Lily Organics and my hands feel like I have new skin!! Love it love it!!!

GHAZAL, 2015

Lily is all the best ingredients for your skin mixed in one jar!love it...

HODA, 2015

All I can say is Lily Organic hand cream is a perfect fit for parents with babies. My husband and I are not worried about our son holding, touching or putting our hands in his mouth anymore. Also, we wash or sanitize our hands constantly because our little one and it has damaged our hand badly. Using Lily Organic for even only one night repairs most of the dry skin and calms the red spots which is amazing. I will definitely keep using Lily Organic product in the future.


I am using Lilyorganic face cream at nights and it is very good fit for my very dry skin. The oily component of it creates a good isolation layer that hinders losing moisture. I feel my face looks younger in mornings. I am using it and like it. The feeling is very different from chemical products and more durable. Thanks Peggy Parsai for such a nice cream.

SANAZ, 2015

I have an allergy with scent, I'm glad that Lily has a fragrance free moisturizer, this is one of the few products that I can use on my sensitive skin and actually find relief. Being a new mom I have to keep my hands clean and scent free at all times and lily works beautifully as it leaves my skin silky smooth. YES! I recommend this product.

YALDA, 2015

Here's my top 3 reasons why I like lily:
1- It's 100% organic 2- It's 100% organic and... 3- It's 100% organic
What better gift we can give our skin, in a world ruled by industries that r loaded w intoxicating chemicals?
If you can't eat it, don't put it on ur hands!

​MARJAN, 201​5
Lily will be my last hand cream purchase. it provides amazing moisturization without being heavy or
greasy. my hands will stay soft smell good and feel comfortable specially during harsh winter 
months. I used to think hand creams could only give me temporary relief but not really heal. I used Lily and i was amazed that the releif was not temporary. It realy repairs your hands not just make
them softer.

Paniz, 2015
I have been experiencing softer hand skin since I have start using Lily Organic hand cream, and less needs of manicure. I also use this cream as feet cream which has incredible results on skin peeling, can't wait to see more products of this brand.